New York City Mayor Bill De Blasio called into Power 1051.'s Angie Martinez show to slam NYPD Commissioner Bill Bratton for his ignorant comments about the rap community, in regards to T.I.'s concert shooting last night (May 25) in Irving Plaza.

In an interview with the WOR 710's Len Berman And Todd Schnitt In The Morning show earlier today, Bratton said: “The crazy world of the so-called rap artist, who are basically thugs that are basically celebrating the violence they lived all their lives. Unfortunately that violence often manifests itself during a performance, and that’s exactly what happened last evening.”

He added, “The music unfortunately often times celebrates violence, celebrates degradation of women, celebrates the drug culture.”

But the blatant disrespect didn't stop there. Bratton continued: “It’s unfortunate — you’d like think with all the wealth and fame that they’d turn their lives around, but they continue hanging out with the same people they hung out with when they come out of that life of desperation, poverty and crime.”

When the hip hop community--myself included--heard these words, we were completely shocked and offended that such crudeness was coming from the mouth of a man who was supposed to protect and serve us all. Instead, Bratton sounded extremely close-minded, as well as insensitive to not only those who are fans of hip hop/rap, but those who were victims of last night's shooting. 

"I think the commissioner was talking out of frustration, that we're losing good, young people,"  Mayor De Blasio told Angie, during his interview. "But look, I said that there's a different way to look at it." He then admitted that he looks at hip hop in a completely different way than Bratton does because of his kids, who are fans of the genre.

But, soon after, that's when De Blasio got down with some real words about Bratton and his statements. "It's not really right to see a whole genre through one eye. There are some hip hop artists and folks in hip hop who are doing amazing things for the world and there are some just trying to cash in," the mayor said.

He continued: "Look, there's a glorification of violence throughout American culture. It goes far beyond hip hop. Our movies, our TV shows, let's face it. We have a cultural issue we have to deal with here."

De Blasio kept it 100. Look at movies and TV shows like Scarface, Law & OrderThe Godfather, Hannibal, and so much more, that glorify violence and death. For the commissioner to only come after rap is very one-sided, and downright hypocritical.

"I think there's a bigger issue here. THAT is something that people need to say aloud. There is a culture of violence running through all elements of our mass culture," the mayor declared, by also giving examples of how difficult it is to regulate gun laws, and the NRA, in this country, as well.

Listen to the entire interview below!

Photo: Getty Images