Never underestimate the hesitations that come with the sophomore effort. Some are able to conquer the naysayers and make a triumphant return to the scene. Some fall victim to the dreaded sophomore slump and fade into obscurity. Flume is already on track to echo the former of the two options with his latest Kai-assisted hit single, "Never Be Like You," accompanying second studio effort, Skin, and forthcoming tour.

In a scene full of frantic thumpity thump DJs, the 24-year-old Aussie has returned with another batch of sleek dance numbers in the form of Skin, his 16-track set, which features a number of acts like Tove Lo, Vic Mensa and Beck. It comes off the heels of his 2012 self-titled record, which hit the top spot on the ARIA (Australian music sales charts) as well as the AIR Billboard Charts and featured a few hit songs you're probably aware of like "Holdin On'" and the Chet Faker-featured "Drop The Game."

In the weeks leading up to the release, Flume visited iHeartRadio HQ in New York City for an exclusive interview to chat about the forthcoming record, working with Tove Lo and partake in our latest installment of In His Words.

On His Feelings Leading Up To The Release Of Skin:

"It's very different this time around. The first time around everything was new," the DJ admitted. "I've done a lot of touring and it's [all] happened before, so it's cool to kind of observe it from the round two perspective. I feel a lot older and like I know what's going on now so it's exciting, man."


On How It Was Collaborating With Tove Lo:

Among one of the many new ventures this time around includes a collaboration with Tove Lo. Flume revealed that his time spent with the Swedish singer was brief, but productive.

"She's sweet. She's like a really cool chick. We did that song in L.A. We hung out for a day, literally a day and we just like did music and it just happened [naturally], which is rare. Usually things take a little longer. It's often the best stuff [that] happens the fastest. . . . . I like to get to know the person and hang out a bit cause when you're doing music it's kind of quite personal. It's kind of weird doing it with someone that you don't know, but with her it was just instant. We just got along."

On What To Expect On His Forthcoming Tour

Expect to hear the result of that good energy and other hits on the setlist of his upcoming world tour, which will see the DJ debut a batch of new material and, of course, all the fancy equipment that comes with most EDM sets.

"We've got this new desk. We've got this new flying structure that's like kind of above me that works with the vibe, so it's not like it's just constant video blasting all the time. We've spent a lot of time working on all the elements and getting it all really dynamic, so we've got this new structure, we've got tons of new video content. We've been working with this guy Jonathan Zawhatthe, who's like my favorite. He's an artist and he's been doing some weird crazy visuals."

Considering that there's a lot more to learn about Flume, iHeartRadio figured we'd let the DJ do the sharing himself in his own handwritten words. Take a look below!

Flume full body


Photo: Rachel Kaplan for iHeartRadio